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Situational Chinese – Beverly Hong

23 января 2021 № 27656
Situational Chinese – Beverly Hong, 1988, Beijing, New World Press, 2nd ed., мягкая обложка, стр.: 336, формат: 221 х 150 мм, вес комплекта: 563 г, тираж: не указан! Состояние: ближе к идеальному!
+ 2 аудиокассеты и их качественная оцифровка в формате WMA (44 кГц, 320 кбит/сек). Диалоги воспринимаются как “театр у микрофона”, настолько они эмоциональны и естественны!
Отзыв о комплекте в англоязычной прессе:
“It is a real shame that this book is getting hard to find. After over thirty years as a student of Chinese I have not found a better book for the colloquial language. The book purports to be a beginning primer, and it's true that it covers the grammar (although admittedly this is done better in other books), but the book's real glory is its dialogues, which are neither too basic or recondite, but full of the kind of colloquialisms that occur every day in speaking but are so hard to pinpoint when you're learning a foreign language. Even advanced students will find material to review and learn in this book.
Hopefully, Amazon will be able to stock this item again. Maybe (Buddha forbid!) it's permanently out of print. If you run across a copy in the Chinese bookstores in San Francisco or New York (I found mine in New York's Chinatown), then buy it immediately without wasting time on further deliberation. The book is a gem.”
На Amazon одна только книга стоит US $14, а доставка в РК US $7! (450 х 20 = 9000 тенге)
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