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Business Writing for Hong Kong – Grahame T. Bilbow

31 августа 2020 № 22167
Business Writing for Hong Kong – Grahame T. Bilbow, 1997, Longman Asia Limited, 2-е изд. (1997), мягкая ламинированная обложка, стр.: 334, с ч/б иллюстрациями, формат: 258 х 186 мм, тираж: кол-во экземпляров не указано! Состояние: хорошее. Книга стоила 160 гонконгских долларов!
Book Description
“Business Writing for Hong Kong” is intended for those who have professional reasons for writing in a business context. It is designed for both classroom and self-reference use.
This substantially revised edition of the book is arranged in two parts. The first part of the book is a reference guide to the basic of business writing, which contains advice about:
* Layout (the formats of business letters and faxes, memos, e-mail and reports)
* Language (business writing style, tone, grammar and vocabulary)
* Accuracy (spelling, punctuation and proofreading)
The second part of the book gives comprehensive practice in producing all of the common forms of business writing. These includes:
* Business letters and faxes
* Memos and e-mail
* Business reports
* Minutes
* Notices
This book contains:
* Models of different forms of business writing
* Analysis and advice on the language used in the models
* Contextualised writing exercises
* Answers to language and task exercises
“Business Writing for Hong Kong” is the acknowledged standard book of its type. The book is a must for anyone who needs to write at work... If you have an interest in business writing, you should have a copy of this book." (The Language Key)
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